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"The real money shot, though, is the classically trained voice of Tina Root, who doesn't sing so much as shape icy baroque conceits with her powerful, super-controlled lungs. Bathed in the cool blue lights of the Palace during a performance last year... swaying narcotically back and forth with the mike, as if underwater, Root the puckish sprite blew kisses to the hardened hordes below.

Andrew Lentz

Montreal Mirror

"Tre Lux is much more loose, with more of a trip hop/hip hop influence, but it's also lighter, more sensual, and it has a sense of humour. Switchblade was very serious. I've relaxed a lot." So says singer Tina Root of her new band. Far from the murky, mecha-goth tones of her old duo, Root has delved into DIY-electro with two live demos ( and a cover of Moby's "South Side" for yet another Cleopatra Records tribute album.

Lorraine Carpenter

San Francisco Chronicle

Switchblade Symphony's sonic aesthetic -- often referred to as "dark wave" by aficionados -- is as colorful as the people who create it. Baroque and intricately textured, it eschews lo-fi street chic in favor of lyrical melancholy and ethereal melodies with a strong dance beat (courtesy of a well-programmed drum machine). Fueled by Jacobs's pealing guitar chords, Wallace's inventive sequencing, and Root's edgy, operatic vocals, it's a sound redolent of the curiously spooky, sing-songy cadences of children's nursery rhymes.

Neva Chonin


Tina Root is a vocalist and songwriter most recognized for her work with her band Switchblade Symphony. To this date Switchblade Symphony has sold over one-hundred thousand records and has toured world wide.

Under the name "Tre Lux" Tina just completed a full length CD titled "A Strange Gathering" due to be released in September 2006. This CD is comprised of cover songs written by celebrated artists from different genres of music. Tina's way of interpreting these well-known songs is refreshing and beguiling. Here she talks about the process of making "A Strange Gathering".

"I said I'd never make a recording of only cover songs. Never say never.

Interpreting and performing another person's music has provided me with a sense of freedom. This record has allowed me to fearlessly play with different sides of my personality while experiencing and experimenting with various styles of music. The songs I chose come from very different genres and I was curious how they would fit together as a record. The title "A Strange Gathering" expresses my original thoughts on the grouping of such different songs. In the end they all came together proving to me that when it comes to music there are no barriers."
Tina Root Minero

Tina Root now resides in Echo Park California with her husband, her two cats and her two dogs.

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